Vision and Philosophy


“Children at Kora thrive and grow in a warm happy environment”


Children’s health and safety

We believe each child is created in the image of God and valuing their dignity as a child and their safety are our priority. Hence, we create a safe and secure environment for all the children in our care. We encourage environments that empower children and adults at risk to speak up and to be heard. We recognise the role of families and community in safeguarding children and adults at risk and welcome their input on how to improve the way we relate to them. We are building a culture of care, accountability and transparency upheld in our policies and processes including recruitment, induction, and daily operations.

Educational programme and practice

At Kora we honour the uniqueness of each child through our child-centred program: the program is based on children’s interests and includes child-initiated learning experiences and intentional teaching where educators work alongside children.

Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

The uniqueness of Kora is our pastoral care and support to families. We connect with families on a daily basis and learn the needs of their children and help them to grow in all aspects. Kora nurtures and maintains the diverse and individual cultures and traditions of children. We recognise families are first and foremost educators of their children. Our program allows each child to develop their unique capacities and build upon their strengths, competencies and interests.