How Kora Childcare Centre is handling Covid – 19

In this time of uncertainty and change, the health and safety of our children, families and staff remains a high priority. In this respect, we have drawn up an Epidemic/Pandemic Policy and Action Plan.

Our Covid-19 Health And Safety Plan

  • A child with cough, cold or fever cannot attend the centre.
  • Arrival and departure procedures – Drop off your child at the door with Contact less sign in and sign out.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Hand sanitiser available for parents, staff, children and visitors. Gloves worn during food preparation, food serving, nappy changing, etc.
  • Workplace Precautions – Observe social distancing between team members and visitors. Observe regular hand sanitising.
  • Cleaning – High traffic and touch areas cleaned at intervals. Daily cleaning of toys, surfaces and immediate cleaning of resources that have come in contact with child’s mouth. Bedding e.g. blankets, pillows never to be shared between children.
  • Supervision and Environment Planning – Team members to remain in designated rooms. Limited number of children in rooms where possible. No self-service at meal times.
  • Hygiene Practices – Sanitising hands upon entry and departure. Strict hand washing and use of gloves procedures.